Pragmatik, based in Granada, is a creative studio focused primarily on web development, graphic design, web hosting, and online marketing. The company wanted a distinctive logo with a visual identity that matched the company’s ambitions and attracted high-level customers.

My role

Branding and corporate identity




  1. Branding and corporate identity
    1. Naming
    2. Corporate identity
    3. Typeface
    4. Corporate colors

Branding and corporate identity


Creating the brand name

The strategy when searching for the ideal name was based on modern words that had a technological language and functional.

The result

After several proposals the client decided on ‘pragmatik’. A name that comes from the ‘pragmatica’ word, to which the letter ‘a’ has been removed and the letter ‘c’ has been replaced by the ‘k’. With this, we obtained a name that represents the values of the company and that customers associate the brand as something positive and credible.


Breakdown and justification of the logo

The corporate identity is made up of three elements: the icon or isotype, the logo or wordmark and the specification of the sector or strapline.

Style and attributes

  • Digital
  • Technological
  • Geometric
  • Minimalist
  • Professional
  • Consistent
  • Functional



It is a classic reworked font of the sans-serif type. When choosing the font we had as a condition that it was of the webfont type and that it was designed to be used on computers, laptops and mobile devices, in order to create a system of coherence between the logo and the content of the web page.


It is a font designed by KAIWA. It is a slightly condensed sans-serif font with a thin, uniform line width that favors readability. This font is used for the word ‘studio’, which refers to the specification of the company sector.


Choosing the corporate color palette for Pragmatik focuses on sophistication and usability.

Logo colors

The orange color used in the isotype represents values such as confidence and joy. The light gray used in the logo provides clarity and a good contrast with the background. The black color chosen for the background contributes to the contrast, as well as providing elegance.
  • Orange

    RGB: R 236 / G 129 / B 14
    CMYK: C 2 / M 58 / Y 97 / K 0
    HEX: EC810E
    PMS: 1385 C
  • Black

    RGB: R 40 / G 36 / B 41
    CMYK: C 74 / M 69 / Y 56 / K 72
    HEX: 282429
    PMS: Neutral Black C
  • Light grey

    RGB: R 226 / G 226 / B 226
    CMYK: C 14/ M 10 / Y 10 / K 0
    HEX: E2E2E2
    PMS: 663 C

Colores del sitio web

Así como en el logotipo, se empleó el naranja, el negro y el gris claro como colores primarios. También, se usaron unas gamas de naranjas, grises oscuros y grises claros extraídos a partir de los colores primarios que actuaron como colores secundarios, creando concordancia y contraste.
  • Negro

    RGB: R 51 / G 51 / B 51
    HEX: 333333
  • Gris tono 1

    RGB: R 66 / G 66 / B 66
    HEX: 424242
  • Gris tono 2

    RGB: R 127 / G 127 / B 127
    HEX: 7f7f7f
  • Gris tono 3

    RGB: R 214 / G 214 / B 214
    HEX: D6D6D6
  • Gris tono 4

    RGB: R 214 / G 214 / B 214
    HEX: F0F0F0
  • Gris tono 5

    RGB: R 214 / G 214 / B 214
    HEX: F7F7F7
  • Blanco

    RGB: R 255 / G 255 / B 255
Por último, las tonalidades en azul, verde, rojo y amarillo hacen referencia a todo lo relacionado con los ‘Call to Action’ o ‘llamada a la acción’.
  • Azul

    RGB: R 0 / G 112 / B 201
    HEX: 0070c9
  • Verde

    RGB: R 0 / G 121 / B 65
    HEX: 007941
  • Rojo

    RGB: R 204 / G 31 / B 45
    HEX: cc1f2d
  • amarillo

    RGB: R 255 / G 193/ B 7
    HEX: ffc107